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When you place your order

We'll email an order receipt for your records. We'll also send a personalized email explaining what to expect over the next several weeks, from test collection to results.

You'll also receive a shipping confirmation email when your test kit is mailed out.

Before your test kit arrives

We'll email information on how to prepare. These cheat sheets include key details like timing, restrictions on food and supplements, how to collect your sample and mail your kit back to the lab.

Once the lab receives your returned kit

We'll send you a confirmation email.

We'll also include a link to register your account on our secure EHR platform.

When your results are ready

We'll automatically notify you via email.

You can log onto our secure EHR system to view your results.

Need expert analysis?

Add a one-on-one results review with Dr. Charny.

We'll reach out to schedule. You can add during test selection or up to 1 month after results.

Still have questions?

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