The body has an innate and extraordinary capacity to heal itself.
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.“ Hippocrates.
Our commitment to optimal health helps you build a fun and healthy lifestyle.
By laying the foundation of good health you can optimize your health at any age.
Food is information. It’s the connection between what you eat and how you feel.
Our treatments are designed to create optimal well-being and stimulate self healing.
We blend the knowledge of science with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions.
We look for the root cause, treat the underlying disturbance, and restore balance.
Our goal is to help you move better, feel better and eliminate pain.
Functional Medicine treats the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms.
We offer the most advanced lab tests alongside bio-energetic diagnostic procedures.

Welcome To Charny Healing Center

For over 20 years Charny Healing Center has been on the forefront of integrative medicine using a variety of complimentary, alternative and conventional diagnostic techniques and therapies.

Our health model is individualized, holistic medicine aimed at finding and treating the causes of disease and working with the inherent healing powers of the body to recover from illness and imbalance.

The diagnostic and treatment methods include Applied Kinesiology, Autonomic Response Testing, Metabolic Personalized Nutrition and the most advanced laboratory-testing technologies to best assess your individual biochemistry.

Through assessing the intricate and complex interplay of the different levels of your health we can develop a customized treatment that include structural, energetic, bio-molecular and psycho-emotional balancing to bring longevity and wellbeing to your life.

We are not just interested in alleviating your symptoms, but rather understanding and addressing the underlying cause of your health concerns as most diseases are caused by the interplay of genetic, biochemical, nutritional, environmental and psycho-social factors.

Whether you have a health issue or you are generally healthy and are looking to maximize your energy, all treatments at Charny Healing Center are designed to create optimal wellbeing and stimulate the self-healing processes of the body.

A Note From Dr. Charny

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you to improve your health.

Our mission is to provide primary health care that emphasizes prevention, treatment and promotion of health through the use of natural therapies that seek to encourage the self-healing process.
Welcome to Charny Healing Center! Our goal is to provide the finest natural healthcare to address each person on a biochemical, structural and emotional basis.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic approach emphasizes prevention, treatment and promotion of health through the use of natural therapies to encourage self-healing. Health and disease are the outcome of a complex interaction of physical, emotional, genetic, dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors. Various assessments are used to identify disease risks to make appropriate steps to prevent illness, influence the course of disease and affect health.

Integrative Chiropractic

At Charny Healing Center we use a variety of low impact adjustment techniques to correct structural and postural imbalances and treat the body to heal and restore its inner equilibrium. Whatever your symptoms: pain, discomfort or loss of function, new or old injuries, strain from repetitive motions (i.e. work, driving, sports) that disrupt the balance of the body's inner network, we are  dedicated to helping you discover the cause and develop a customized treatment.

Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition is an innovative system for optimizing whole body health. The personalized nutrition program is based on your body’s metabolism, your unique bio-chemistry and nutritional needs. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two nutrition plans are exactly alike. Your personalized nutrition plan balances your individual "body chemistry" with the right "food chemistry" and analyzes the way your cells convert nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy.

Patients' Feedback

  • Doctor Charny is a modern medicine woman. She has the best diagnostic skills I have ever encountered. She combines all of her experience, learning and instincts to find out what's wrong. Then she uses all her experience, learning and research to show you a way out. In this world of compromised air, contaminated food and free flowing allergies, I have found a doctor who I totally, and I mean totally, trust. It's a big word, ""trust"".…
    Wendy M.
    Santa Monica CA


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