Anti-Aging & Preventative Care

Let's Fight Father Time!


Diet and nutrition

Energy/mitochondrial function

Our Body's Command Center

Balance issues (vertigo, fainting, etc.)

Cognitive function (memory, brain fog, etc.)

Developmental issues (ADD, ADHD)


Neurotransmitters (depression, anxiety, etc.)

Brain & Mood

Cardio Vascular Health

Support a strong heart and healthy blood vessels


Heart issues/oxidative stress

High blood pressure (hypertension)


Support our body’s natural detoxification pathways

Environmental toxicity: Chemicals, EMF radiation, Pesticides, Pollution

Heavy metal toxicity: Aluminum, Lead, Mercury

Mold exposure

Detox & Drainage

Digestive Health

Our body’s optimal function begins with a healthy digestive system

Food allergies and intolerance: Gluten- and wheat-sensitivities

Inflammatory bowel conditions: Crohn’s/Colitis/IBS

SIBO and SIFO: Small Intestinal (Bacterial/Fungal) Overgrowth

Upper GI Health: GERD/reflux/heartburn, Low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria)

Gut Health (gut dysbiosis/leaky gut)


Pre- and pro-biotics (microbiome imbalances)

Ears | Nose | Throat

Ear infections, tinnitus, etc.

Nose (Sinus) health, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.

Sore throat, post-nasal drip, tonsillitis, etc.



Interaction between genetics and environment


Genetic SNPs and health impacts

The intersection of our mental, physical, and emotional health

Adrenal imbalances/fatigue

Men’s hormonal health: prostate & vitality

Thyroid disorders: Hashimoto’s & hypo-/hyperthyroid

Women’s hormonal health: endometriosis, hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycles/dysmenorrhea, PCOS, PMS, pregnancy planning

Hormonal Health

Immune System

Our first and most important line of defense

Acute and chronic infections: viral/bacterial/fungal

Allergies: seasonal & environmental

Autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s, MS, RA, etc.)

Chronic fatigue


Frequent colds & infections

The chemical changes or processes within cells, tissues, and organisms that maintain homeostasis

Pre-diabetes and insulin resistance



Weight management

Metabolic Health

Musculoskeletal Health

Maintain structure, form, and movement

Acute and chronic pain conditions: back/neck pain, elbow/knee pain, muscle pain, soreness, and tightness, sprains/strains

Joint health: arthritis & others

Bone health: osteoporosis & others

It takes a village

Developmental issues (ADD, ADHD)


Immune function

Pediatric Health

Pulmonary Health

Breathing supplies oxygen to every cell in the body and removes carbon dioxide from our system


Pulmonary infections: bronchitis & pneumonia

Our skin is a direct reflection of our health



Healthy & glowing skin



Skin Conditions

Sleep Issues

The most important part of our bodies recovery and regeneration is a good night’s sleep

Insomnia (difficulty falling/remaining asleep)

Sleep apnea

For athletes, from beginner to elite

Increase performance

Decrease recovery time

Injury rehabilitation (chronic and acute)

Injury prevention

Sports Performance

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