What is IMAET?

Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Biofeedback Technology

Everyone has their own unique bio electromagnetic field, influenced by a countless number of individual and environmental factors.

By reading those EM signals, we can devise specific treatments geared directly to your current health conditions.

IMAET reactivity test

The centerpiece of the IMAET treatment system, the reactivity test provides a unique snapshot of the Human Body Bio Electromagnetic Field and the energetic integrity of the body’s meridian system.

The test analyzes biofeedback stress responses to decode the information flow within the body’s Bio Electromagnetic Field.

Simply put, the IMAET system examines how our bodies respond to a variety of stressors. Through analyzing this connection between the body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics, the IMAET system allows the practitioner to restore balance.

IMAET reactivity test


After testing a range of EM frequencies, and measuring the body's responses, we devise a treatment protocol to address your health needs.

The entire process is safe, gentle, and non-invasive.

Listen to EM signals

The IMAET system listens to the subtle electromagnetic signals emitted, received and interpreted by every cell in our body. The system records subtle “reactive” informational potentials provided by the patient during the assessment procedure.

Then, the IMAET system compares the frequencies returned by the patient's field against the IMAET database in order to classify them according to the distortion (difference) between what is captured and what was sent.

Compare frequencies

Determine treatment protocol

Finally, the IMAET system determines a biofeedback protocol based on the distortion level to promote the individual’s natural adaptation mechanisms, in order to restore balance and harmony throughout the body.

Health effects of Laser Therapy

The IMAET Reactivity Test examines factors that may inhibit peak performance, energetic integrity and general vitality, such as:


Nutritional deficiencies

Inadequate intake

Toxic stress factors

Infectious stress factors

Prescription drug detoxification

Geopathic stressors

Bio-field contamination

Neuro-Emotional Profile (NEP)

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